Wave Communications will buy your surplus or de-installed equipment. Send your list of surplus inventory to us and we will submit a bid for purchase. We also offer Deinstallation, Asset recovery, Logistics, and Consignment services.Call us to find out how we can help your company get a return on un-used/ unwanted assets.

Equipment We Buy
Below is a list of the equipment categories we typically purchase.

  • Central Office
    Transport Switches, Circuit Switching Platforms, DSLAMS, Switch peripheral systems, Cross Connect, Cable Management, Fiber Optics management
  • PBX/Key
    PBX Systems, Phones, PBX Parts and Compnents
  • Wireless
    Microwave and Satellite transmition Equipment, Cellular Equipment
  • Power
    DC Power Systems, UPS Systems, Gensets, Power Distribution
  • Networking
    Routers, Switches, Security VPN, Storage Networking, Universal Gateways and Access Servers, VOIP Equipment
  • Test Equipment
    Broadcast Measurement,Calibrators,Datacom & Telecom Measurement,Electrical Power Measurement,Network Analyzers,Optical Test Equipment,
  • Datacenter Cooling Equipment
    AC units, Climate Control System
  • IT Equipment
    Servers,Workstations, Storage Arrays