Service and Support

Wave Communications, Inc specializes in Technology recovery and re-sale. Our Asset Recovery Team provides services to transport, warehouse (store), re-market and/or dispose of surplus or junked telecommunications, computer, and/or network equipment, at no cost to your organization. Wave Communications can provide a market value for capital equipment.

Consignment Services

With our First Class Consignment Services we can help your company manage the challenging task of selling off your excess equipment and/or assets. We can retrieve, inventory, store, and sell your assets while allowing you to manage your inventory with our proprietary, web based Inventory Management System (IMS). With our IMS you can:

  • View your current consignment inventory.
  • Track your consignment inventory by serial number or custom asset tag.
  • View realtime sales statistics.
  • View up to date sales history.

All your inventory data is live and available via our secure IMS web gateway. Contact us today to learn more about how your company can benefit from our consignment services,

Asset Removal

Wave Communications provides licensed technicians, electricians and movers to complete the task of properly dismantling, packaging and transporting equipment. This service is provided nationwide and internationally (when required).

Site Clean-up

Wave Communications can professionally and efficiently perform all site cleanup tasks associated with a site decommission. Whether your site will require a complete cleanup, or if it needs to be prepared for a new installation, we have the experience and the tools to make it happen.

Our site cleanup services include:

  • Removal and disposal of all data cabling from flooring and overhead racks
  • Removal and disposal of all AC or DC power cabling
  • Removal and disposal of all raised flooring and overhead cable management components
  • Removal of Infrastructure equipment, such as Generators, UPS Systems, DC Power equipment, and HVAC Systems
  • Other services avalible please contact us for more info


Wave Communications offers a variety of fast and flexible shipping options for you orders.

We will ship with any carrier to any location and will provide same day shipping / next day delivery on almost any order.

Wave Communications is experienced in shipping large freight orders domestically and overseas, and use industry leading packaging techniques to ensure that your order makes it to its destination safely.